First ever Black Fashion Week

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First ever Black Fashion Week

back in october the first ever Black Fashion Week was held in Paris. 

it pleases me greatly to see an event like this come to fruition. i hope this event is just the spark we need to see equal representation of designers and models of color in the fashion world, and not in the “black fashion for black people” realm but “fashion for everyone” realm.


bunny kisses

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ok. i see it now.

it must be a thing i have.

after the whole concrete earring debacle, i’ve slowly begun to realize that i’m kind of a sucker for spendy-ish jewelry.

so sue me.

but really, check out this adorable little ring from fleathers by linda smyth on Etsy.

yes, for many of us $225 for a ring is steep, but just loooook at this.

click for buy


how could you say no? look at those ears. they’re killin’ me.

people are strange

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rick owens SS 11

give her a pearl necklace

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speaking of new versions of old classics, take a look at this lovely piece from decarabia.

click for buy.

classic, yet deliciously macabre.

i’ll take one now, please.

got made in canada

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cement as jewelry. yeah, that’s hard.

how ’bout a nice modern take on the classic pearl earring?

the folks over at metsadesign have churned out some lovely cement earrings with sterling silver posts that in my opinion, are damn classy.

click pic for buy

at $35 a pop (granted, a bit spendy, but we’ve all seen spendier), it’s worth grabbing a pair or two or three, to dress up those lovely lobes of yours.

sex tape

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don’t even get me started.

oh, the days. those far away days of the late 1990’s when i wore ripped jeans that dragged the ground, and wore hair extensions long enough to reach below my rear, and groups like KoRn, and the deftones OWNED me.

yes, those were the days. long lost are the muddy-at-the-ankle jeans, and plastic hair, but the “nu-metal” still holds a place in my heart. with that, so does my adoration for the melodic, crooning, screaming, and lyricism of the deftones.

the new album has filled my ears more than a few times since it’s release, and now their new video for “sex tape” proves to be yet another treat.

who doesn’t love underwater photography, pretty girls, and mood lighting?

i sure do love it.

turn off the lights, grab someone sexy, and enjoy.

high art

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picnics and plaid. empty beer bottles and bro’s. hotel rooms and bathroom tiles.

the painted world of artist linnea strid is a photo-realistic slice of life, which (much like life) is at once beautiful, simple, playful, and silly.

her work has breath and pulse and the in-the-moment randomness that can only be captured in shooting-from-the-hip snapshots.

this is what makes her work such a joy to behold.

we all know the sight of globules of water reflecting light is lovely, yet fleeting, strid takes those moments, and gives them permanence. a life that can always be revisited, and appreciated.